Did Taylor Swift blame label for strict copyrights?


Taylor Swift can move mountains these days. She’s one Tumblr post away from solving some of the world’s biggest problems. But one problem that keeps popping up that has fans and critics alike being on the verge of salty is the copyright rules surrounding her music. Copyrights are important, but the ones around Taylor don’t mess around. There has even been videos Taylor herself has shared from her own concerts that have been taken down.

With her recent social media move of allowing a group to use her music for a play some fans started questioning if Taylor was behind those strict copyright rules or if it was her label. And a recent like on Tumblr stating that it was actually her label that was putting their foot down so hard and not Taylor seemed to be shedding light for fans.


Could’ve been an innocent like with no thought put into it, but then again…it is Taylor Swift and all eyes are on her.