Single Review: Danielle Bradbery Enters the “Friend Zone”


Danielle Bradbery entered the country music scene almost two years ago with a debut full-length album of songs that age-appropriately allowed the newly signed teenage singer to show off her enormous vocal range. Now, a nineteen year-old Danielle returns with new music, a new attitude, and a new sense of confidence.

Friend Zone” is far from what people might have expected to be within Danielle’s comfort zone, however, it is the first opportunity the matured artist has had to spotlight her spunky and sassy personality, along with her incomparable voice. Staying true to her native country roots, the instrumentation in “Friend Zone” is heavy on the strings, moderate on the twang, and, literally, calls for “the bass, the beat, and the banjo.”

While Danielle ensures that her song is inarguably country, she also does not shy away from incorporating some of the pop and hip hop that is prevalent in the genre today. What “Friend Zone” proves is that a little bit of auto tune and a slight stray from tradition does not necessarily have to compromise the integrity of a piece of country music; especially when that song is capped off by a voice like the one Danielle possesses. In fact, it is safe to say that Danielle Bradbery has scored a touchdown with her first release in almost two years, taking “Friend Zone” all the way to the end zone.

“Friend Zone” is now available for download on iTunes by clicking here. Let us know what you think of Danielle’s heavy-hitting single by leaving a comment or tweeting us @NashvilleGab.



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    This young woman could sing the telephone book and make it sound good. Her vocal ability is unbelievable. I like the song and I hope it does well on radio.

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