Four Reasons Cassadee Pope is secretly Shania Twain’s Daughter.


If you think the similarities between Shania Twain and Cassadee Pope end after the phrase “female singer” you’re wrong. So, so, so wrong. In fact, we have four reasons that will have you convinced Cassadee could pass for Shania’s daughter. Or at least an illegitimate love child.

For starters, we have the fact that both ladies strike a pose when hitting those high notes:

article-2228507-15DE9A1D000005DC-585_634x352 shania_twains_hubby_cheated

Oh and that time they both came in on white horses:

article-0-1A12EB4800000578-145_634x418 Screen Shot 2015-08-30 at 2.39.59 PM

And we can’t forget to mention the way they both rock crop tops:

Shania Twain tumblr_npskafSGIM1s24dzbo1_500

And perhaps the most convincing….they share the SAME birthday and celebrate in similar ways:

294HappyBirthdayShania2009 Screen Shot 2015-08-30 at 2.36.32 PM

Ehhh okay maybe it’s not that convincing, but you have to admit you see it a little bit more now than you did before.


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    No way do I see it. First thing I notice on Cassadee is the two long front teeth. Shania’s more normal, even length.(I notice teeth because of my own) Of course she has her mouth closed in the top pictures. I’ve been a fan of Shania since her first album. She is a beautiful, big hearted person. I know so little about Cassadee.

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