Carrie Underwood: Queen of the World


Sure, Carrie Underwood took a short smoke break after the birth of her son, Isaiah Michael Fisher, but a pause in public appearances doesn’t equate a pause in sales for the chart-topping country music maven. Rather, Carrie’s brief time off proved that even when she isn’t in the spotlight, everything she touches turns to gold … or platinum … or multi-platinum.

With the release of Carrie’s last single, “Little Toy Guns,” the country artist who has turned heads with her vocals (and legs) for ten years scored her twenty-first Number 1, received RIAA gold certification, and broke the record for country artist digital sales. Carrie’s current digital sales, which total over twenty-eight million, have made her the top digital-selling country artist in the world. This also places Carrie in the Top 5 females across all genres, celebrating success alongside the likes of Katy Perry and Rihanna.

And it doesn’t stop there, as her hit single “Before He Cheats” recently received 5x Platinum certification, while “Something in the Water” was certified Platinum. The success of “Before He Cheats” places Carrie among the elite few who have experienced over five million digital sales for a single.

Of course, we expect continued history-breaking moments, especially with the unexpected release of Carrie’s newest record, “Smoke Break,” on Thursday night; as well as the forthcoming album, Storyteller, that will become available on October 23rd.

Congratulations to Carrie Underwood on being queen of the country music digital world!

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    janet nave

    I am so sick of seeing her face plastered everywhere.

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