Single Review: Carrie Underwood’s BRAND NEW SONG “Smoke Break”


Carrie Underwood surprised fans today with an announcement that her new single, “Smoke Break,” would become available TONIGHT on iTunes. Big 98 in Nashville world premiered the song, penned by Carrie and longtime friends/co-writers Hillary Lindsey and Chris DeStefano, sharing the first of the tracks country music lovers can anticipate on her forthcoming album Storyteller (October 23rd).

The upbeat song shares the story of two different individuals – a hardworking, stretched too thin mother and a man who is trying to make his family proud by following his own path in life. What both of these vastly distinct people have in common is the desire to please everybody around them and give all they have, without remembering to take the occasional break to focus on themselves.

In the evolving chorus, Carrie shares the perspectives of the exhausted, selfless mom and the pressured, tireless son, both of whom strive to be everything and can’t seem to take a step back from the hustle and bustle of life. In the final chorus of the song, following an electric instrumental bridge, the point-of-view of the tune shifts to that of Carrie’s, providing a message of empathy for those who struggle with the same inability to take the often necessary “smoke break.”

While the title of the song seems to suggest the encouragement of partaking in something unhealthy for those listening, the actual message is quite the opposite. The brilliant writing of Carrie, Hillary, and Chris, rather, inspires people to find time for themselves and focus on their own needs in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle and mentality. As is quite typical from Carrie Underwood, her vocals on this record are strong, believable, and intensely moving, further influencing those of us who fail to see the importance of “me” time to remember that we deserve to take a breather.

Sure to be the next of Carrie’s (and Hillary’s and Chris’s) Number 1 songs, “Smoke Break” will become available tonight on iTunes and can later be found on her album, Storyteller, scheduled for an October 23rd release.

Click here to access Carrie Underwood’s iTunes page to download your copy of “Smoke Break” upon its availability.


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    i hope she takes cassadee pope on her next tour. doubt it’ll happen haha but!!!!

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