Brooke Hogan Wrestles with the Music Industry


Brooke Hogan took a stab at a music career years ago, using a reality show about her father (Hulk Hogan) and her family to promote her budding pop stardom. However, after giving the pop genre a whirl, Brooke realized her calling was elsewhere.

The Nashville resident recently told ET Online that country music became the obvious choice for her after she began to dabble in songwriting.

Country, as I got older, it started making sense. Being a songwriter, it started to mean more to me and this just was pulling me in that direction.Pop is fun and R&B is fun, but I do love to write music and I love to write songs and this seemed like the place that I could really harvest my craft. What I love the most about this town is that they protect themselves from media and from becoming one of those cities [like Miami or L.A.] where you could get bothered at every corner. You know, it’s not about being friends and doing music. Here it is still very grassroots and I like that.

Brooke’s first country single is titled “I Wanna Be Your Girlfriend,” and the track will appear on her EP of the same name, scheduled for a September 4th release. Will you be checking out Brooke’s country music? Let us know by leaving a comment here or tweeting us @NashvilleGab!