Blake Shelton surfaces with another blonde…

One thing I’ve noticed is Blake Shelton sure has a lot of blondes in his life, even without Miranda Lambert. Blake was seen in singer RaeLynn‘s photo she posted(her man candy is also seen in the photo). They all looked happy and cheerful. Good to know no one close to Blake or Miranda is seeming to have to choose sides. That says a lot!

Check out the photo below:


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    Didn’t he say” he just can’t let go of these Baby Girls”. I’m sure thats ok with his girls. When you are after a music career being friends with someone at the top of theirs couldn’t do much damage. RaeLynn is a sweetie who didn’t get very far on the voice, being a Miranda Fan helped. Miranda remarked she will give it her all to help make her a star. You can see Rae out on Miranda’s Fall Tour. Hasn’t Blake had her in the recording studio recently. Best of Wishes to RaeLynn, I think most of Nashville has fell in love with her.

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