Blake Shelton dishes on the guy whose life he saved…


It just hit me that two coaches on The Voice are now divorced. Huh. Hope there’s nothing in that water for Adam Levine‘s sake. Anyway, I digress. Blake Shelton was recently doing some promo at a “Voice” event when he also took the time to talk about the heroic thing he did for an Oklahoma man named Roho Hartman.

Back in June, Shelton rescued Hartman when Hartman’s truck got stuck in floodwaters.

“I haven’t seen Roho since the day that happened. That guy. I knew when he got in my truck that day and I drove him home that he was a character, but I didn’t really realize the level of how funny that guy is until I saw some of the interviews after the fact,” he said of Hartman to KFOR News Channel.

We thought he was a hoot, too!


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    Kindly an old story about Roho…fun part he is passing out tee shirts.Speaking of Blake, noticed he has been vacationing in Cancun the last 3/4 days with a handsome guy companion.(fans posting pictures)Think I’d pick Cancun over Tishomingo anyday.

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