Bart Crow Prepares for His Grand Ole Opry Debut

bart crow

On every country artist’s bucket list is to walk onto the wooden stage of the Grand Ole Opry and sing their songs for the audience. On Friday, August 21th, Texas-based country singer-songwriter Bart Crow will do just that when he makes his debut on the historic radio show.

For any country singer, it could be seen as the genre’s official seal of approval, and it’s one that Crow is still trying to wrap his head around.

“It kinda hasn’t really sunk in yet,” he tells NashvilleGab over the phone when asked about his thoughts on his upcoming debut. “It’s definitely surprised, and honored, and flattered, and humbled, and anything else you could imagine.”

He’s been the road for 12 years playing show after show, growing his fan base a song at a time. And even after all that, it was never something he ever really thought would become a reality for him.

“By far it’s the greatest accomplishment…of my career,” he says. “I’m definitely taken aback by it.”

As for that day, he plans to make sure he has nothing else scheduled so he can really take everything in. After all, he says, it’s hallowed ground for everything country music.

“That’s the Grand Ole Opry,” he says, still obviously trying to get a grasp at what he’s about to do. “For me to be even in the same sentence of the Grand Ole Opry is astounding.”


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