The Band Perry Premiere “Live Forever” on GMA


Frankly, we’re not sure how we feel about this “new” Band Perry. “Live Forever” is an 80’s inspired pop jam that would sound great on the radio sandwiched between Sam Hunt and Taylor Swift.

Also, there’s still a lot of Perry hair…and now they’re mixing it with a lot of Perry skin, Garth-like hands-free mics and so much yellow that even Cam would be jealous.

Sigh, it seems hard to believe that just a few years ago, the siblings were lamenting “If I Die Young,” and now they’re proclaiming “Live Forever.”

They’re confused, we’re confused… Let us know what you think of “Live Forever” below.

Watch the video below or here if that doesn’t work.


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    janet nave

    Let them go pop and give a chance for other real country singers. Big machine is following taylor

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