Baby Miranda Lambert on Nashville Star…


Because sometimes you get on YouTube and one of their suggested videos is actually a real gem. I hadn’t seen or thought of Miranda Lambert on Nashville Star in AGES. Mostly because A LOT has happened to ol’ Miranda since then. You know, a uge singing career and what not. But there is something about this video and the subject of the song she is singing that just hits a little close to home these days.

Check it out below:


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    Ashley, Do you think Miranda ‘s on a greyhound bound for no where. Being a long time fan, I can’t help but think Miranda’s best is yet to come. I’m not talking trophies. Making good music and other things coming her way. It will mostly be topping on the cake from here on with the success she has already had. By the way I loved watching her the night she sung this song”Greyhound Bound for Nowhere” on Nashville Star. She has worked hard, way to many miles on the the beginning

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