2 Steps Back Knew They Wanted “Boombox”

Country music has always been about the song, and Oklahoma newcomers 2 Steps Back are no strangers to that fact. So when their producer told them he wanted them to cut two outside songs for their debut EP, they started listening to demos.

Of the many songs they were sent, it was “Boombox” that caught their attention after the first listen, which was co-written by Gordy Sampson and Brett Beavers. It was one of those they knew they’d regret not cutting.

“It fits really good with the feel we were going for on our EP,” 2SB’s lead singer Kyle Lowrey tells NashvilleGab over the phone. “And our debut.”

They also knew it was one of those songs that would get into peoples’ heads and stay there, which is a good thing when it comes to live shows. It’s one that’s been connecting with all ages.

“Parents to even their kids singing that song, they love that song,” he says. “And it gets into their heads. So for us it’s been really cool to be able to get a song out there.”