Wonder what the guys of Florida Georgia Line are gonna do for the 4th of July….


As people prepare to celebrate the Independence of our great nation with BBQs and hotdogs, Florida Georgia Line claims they will be enjoying some seriously rare time off.

“We don’t really get many Friday nights when we’re not playin’,” Brian Kelley said. Interesting point and for two guys that really seem to bring the party, you might be disappointed to learn they aren’t that exciting on their own time off.

“We did get one recently. I think my wife and I, we had a Friday night off in town like a week or two ago and I think we just got pizza and hung with the dogs and watched a movie, and I hadn’t done that in years, and it was awesome,” he recalls. “Didn’t feel like going out at all. It was nice to kick back and know you’re gonna feel really, really good in the mornin’.”

We hear you on that on BK. But could this upcoming time off be a perfect time to attend a wedding for someone’s last name that rhymes with Cubbard? Hmmmm?