What does Last Week Tonight host John Oliver have against Rascal Flatts?

John Oliver Rascal Flatts

Have you ever gone to some random place like, say, a bar or the grocery store or the gynecologist when you see some completely random person from your life like, say, your kid’s teacher or your pastor or your ex mother-in-law and it takes a minute or two for it to register with your brain who it is you’re seeing because they’re completely out of place compared to where you normally see them? Yeah, this joke is sort of like that.

Yesterday morning I sat down to enjoy a recent Last Week Tonight with John Oliver segment about food waste when he just randomly threw out a pretty major Rascal Flatts burn.

I sat and watched and then had to rewind because it took a minute to register that he had made a joke about Rascal Flatts. Where it came from, I don’t know, but if I was Kelso I would definitely be yelling, “Burnnnnnnn!!!!!”

Food waste is like the band Rascal Flatts … it can fill a surprising number of stadiums even though many people consider it complete garbage.




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  1. pennstate4kris@aol.com'
    Patricia Osborne

    John Oliver can go dive into a can of trash because that’s where he belongs for making that rude ignorant comment about Rascal Flatts. He has insulted more people then he’ll ever have as fans of his. I’ve been a Rascal Flatts fan since 2001. I never heard of this Oliver jerk before today. I hope to never hear another word he has to say. He needs to apologize to Gary, Jay and Joe Don and their millions of fans for his comment. He won’t I know. Even if he did, he’ll always be a POS in my book. Long Live Rascal Flatts!!

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