This is What’s Wrong With Today’s Country Music


Y’all, I love country music. I even like Sam Hunt and whatever version of country music he makes. This morning, I heard Hunt’s “House Party” followed immediately after by another weirdly electronic pseudo-country track called “B.Y.H.B.” by Uncle Ezra Ray. It made my ears hurt.

As soon as I got to a computer, I looked up the song and discovered that it’s proof of everything currently wrong with country music. The band, Uncle Ezra Ray, is a hybrid of Uncle Kracker, Kevin Griffin of Better than Ezra and Mark McGrath of Sugar Ray, hence the less-than-clever Uncle Ezra Ray.

So let me get this straight? A group of guys, who are all in their 40’s and had quite the run of infectious pop hits decided to form a “country” group and record a “country” song, laden with electronic beats and lyrics that rhyme party with Bacardi.

Maybe it could pass as an earwormy, guilty pleasure song of the summer, but why has it invaded my country station?

P.S.: B.Y.H.B. stands for “Bring your hot body.”

Ugh. This, my friends, is what’s wrong with country radio in 2015.