Tyler Farr Walks Into a Bar


If you are going to have a single called “A Guy Walks Into a Bar” and said single goes to Number 1, there is really only one way to celebrate that hit song…

In a bar!

Tyler Farr, along with co-writers Brad Tursi (Old Dominion), Jonathan Singleton, and Melissa Pierce, collaborated socially at Winner’s Bar and Grill, a popular bar located in Midtown in Nashville, to honor the song that brought Tursi and Pierce their first Number 1s, respectively. The track marked the sixth chart topper for Singleton. The three songwriters took the opportunity to thank Farr, Sony Music Nashville (Farr’s label), their families, and their friends for supporting them on the journey.

Farr also expressed his gratitude to his co-writers in a simple statement:

Thank you for continuing to write country songs that have a hook and tell a story.

Congratulations to the whole “A Guy Walks Into a Bar” team on a successful run! Here’s to many more for each of the great talents and executives behind the Number 1 hit!

Photo credit: BMI


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