*Exclusive* Trisha Yearwood Remembers When

Trisha Yearwood

Trisha Yearwood isn’t an overly emotional person (she leaves the crying to her husband, Garth Brooks), but today, the Grammy, Emmy, AMA, CMA, and ACM Award winner wasn’t sure she could avoid becoming teary.

Today, Trisha Yearwood’s career came full circle as she celebrated the grand opening of her Country Music Hall of Fame exhibit, “The Song Remembers When” (#xoxoTrisha), in Nashville, Tennessee. The once minimum wage paid tour guide at the Music City landmark is now being honored by the same organization, and it doesn’t get much more special than that.

The items that appear in Trisha’s exhibit are ones she and her sister, Beth, thumbed through for quite some time, crediting her late mother for organizing her entire life in her basement up until her death four years ago. One particular item that Trisha was headstrong on including in her commemorative display was a guitar that she couldn’t find for quite some time. Luckily, before the exhibit was complete, the guitar was unexpectedly found in one of Garth’s guitar cases.


In putting together the items for her exhibit, Trisha’s goal was to provide her fans with what she would want to see from her favorite artists — something personal.

I love the music. I love the videos. I love the award shows. I want to learn something personal about the artist. . . . I want fans who don’t really know me to learn something about me.

Did you know that Trisha, Martina McBride, and Linda Davis were guest vocalists in Reba McEntire‘s 1995 music video for hit song “On My Own“? Each of the female powerhouses autographed a copy of the script, which now sits on display at the Hall of Fame.


The music video wasn’t the only time Trisha was bound to a script. She also acted in the television show JAG, even taking on a director’s role. Fans may be surprised to see a director’s chair with her name scrawled across it in her exhibit at the Country Music Hall of Fame.


While all of Trisha’s displayed belongings hold sentimental value, perhaps one of the most prized items is her 1999 Grand Ole Opry induction program. Trisha recalled that evening as one that her parents truly enjoyed because they were able to meet and greet some of their own favorite artists, including cracking jokes with Bill Anderson. With family being something that Trisha continuously discussed and made clear is a vital part of who she is, having items that trigger such fond memories in a place as respected as the Country Music Hall of Fame is quite touching for the tender-hearted artist.


Speaking of family, would a Trisha Yearwood exhibit be complete without the wedding gown in which she married her legendary megastar husband, Garth Brooks? Absolutely not! How about the plaque for the couple’s award-winning hit duet “In Another’s Eyes“? Nope. Oh, and speaking of Garth, Trisha gave us a little heads up on something in the works; and that is a Garth Brooks “action figure” (he refuses to have it called a doll). Though Garth has seen the model and likely won’t agree to the mass production of the item, Trisha admitted she has had some fun with it, posing it “in very inappropriate positions.” If Garth does approve the “action figure,” there is good news for the toy … a Trisha doll exists and she already boldly stated that the two “will date!” if it comes to fruition.

trisha-yearwood-wedding-dress trisha-yearwood-garth-brooks-in-anothers-eyes

Of course, Trisha’s “The Song Remembers When” exhibit would also not be complete without recognizing what she refers to as her “second career.” An Emmy Award winning cooking show, cookbooks, and intertwining food and music are all parts of who Trisha Yearwood is, so beyond the music sections of the display rests a special area for her kitchen-related items. Trisha has relied on her time in the kitchen as a way to keep her family’s memories alive, incorporating her own upbringing into her recipes and inviting fans into her home and heart.


There is so much more to see and learn about Trisha Yearwood at the Country Music Hall of Fame in Nashville, Tennessee, and we would be remiss not to encourage you to stop by the third floor and visit her gorgeous exhibit. We kindly thank Trisha and the Hall of Fame for including us in another wonderful event. It is an honor and privilege to be a part of such special moments in our favorite artists’ lives.