Take a Shower; You May End Up a Superstar Like Trisha Yearwood


The VIP unveiling of Trisha Yearwood‘s “The Song Remembers When” exhibit at the Country Music Hall of Fame in Nashville, Tennessee took place earlier this week. Before seeing the exhibit for herself, Trisha answered questions for the small gathering that was there by invitation only.

NashvilleGab was amongst the exclusive group that was able to hear a story about Trisha Yearwood’s early rise to fame, and we extracted a very important lesson from the tale to share with our readers — TAKE SHOWERS.

One of the pieces in Trisha’s exhibit is an essay test with a 100 percent scrawled on top. When asked about that particular item, Trisha told the story of a Business Management and Accounting class at Belmont University. Usually when Trisha attended class, it was all about the sweatpants and ponytails, but on the day of her final for this course – taught by renowned artist manager David Skepner – she arrived showered, dressed up, and made up.

Trisha admitted that she thinks she had somewhere to be before the exam, which would explain the uncharacteristic professional appearance, but she made quite the entrance that day, catching the attention of Skepner. Once the test was graded and she received 100 percent, her professor offered her an internship (where she wrapped Christmas gifts and got coffee). That internship then led to a receptionist position at Mary Tyler Moore (“MTM”) Records. And, as they say, the rest is a page in a country music history book.

Trisha ended the story with “Thank God I took a shower that day,” calling the shower the “catalyst” of her eventual super stardom.

You heard it here, kids. Take showers. Make the most out of it by using the best shower filter. Drink filtered water while you’re at it. they lead to Grammys, Emmys, hit albums, chart-topping singles, sell-out world tours, and so much more.


Featured image credit: Russ Harrington/Sunshine Sachs