Todd O’Neill Donates Song Proceeds to Lafayette Shooting Victims


Louisiana country artist Todd O’Neill was deeply affected by the tragic events that took place in Lafayette at the end of the week. Seeing his home state suffering from the loss of two innocent victims and the injuries to so many others, Todd O’Neill quickly asked himself what he could do to make a difference using his music.

The answer to Todd’s internal inquiry was rather simple — encourage fans to download his song “Hurts When I Breathe” on July 25th and donate every cent of the proceeds to the victims’ families. So, that is exactly what this native Louisianan is doing.

“Hurts When I Breathe” is a breakup song that leaves the man in agony over the departure of his love. Insistent that he is semi-functional, Todd uses his gritty, gravelly, and incredibly sexy vocals to emit the gut-wrenching admission that it only hurts when he breathes.

A song that will likely be all too relatable to those suffering such devastating losses in this week’s shooting, Todd sends a message to the families and friends of the victims that it’s perfectly acceptable to say out loud that you aren’t okay. We can only wish, hope, and pray that each of those directly and deeply affected by this senseless tragedy are able to begin to heal and find each breath to be a little less painful than the one before it.

Download Todd O’Neill’s “Hurts When I Breathe” below to donate to the Lafayette victims’ families.

NashvilleGab’s thoughts and prayers are extended to the entire Lafayette community during this time.