Tim McGraw might be our favorite bad guy…


Tim McGraw plays a lot of roles in life: Superstar, Husband, Father, but now he gets to play the role of a bad guy and we kinda dig it. In the show Robbers, now in development. Tim will star  as a really bad guy. Oooh sounds intriguing. But we may have to wait to see it…

Tim says, “It’s still in the workin’ stages right now. We’re still writing and stuff, but if it all comes together it’s gonna be a lot a fun.”

Tim will play a drifter named Ray Bob on a crime spree across Texas. Pretty intense stuff. More intense? Tim’s reaction to the role.

He adds, “It’s fun to play a bad guy. You get to sort of step outside yourself a little bit.”

Hopefully we don’t have to wait TOO long to see him in action as the bad guy!

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