There’s only one way to settle the Taylor Swift vs. Nicki Minaj feud

Taylor Swift dance offDance off! Dance off!

On Tuesday afternoon, something extraordinary happened. Taylor Swift, one of the reigning queens of all things social media, had herself a bit of a social media blunder.

It all started out when Anaconda singer Nicki Minaj tweeted her unhappiness at MTV for not nominating Anaconda (video) for video of the year at this year’s VMAs.

As often happens to us mere mortal tweeters, Taylor read more into the tweet than was said and she ended up tweeting Nicki back.

Considering the only other woman besides Taylor nominated for the VOTY award is Beyonce, and Taylor’s video that’s nominated is Bad Blood, which is most definitely full of slim bodies, it’s hard to think Nicki could have been talking about anyone BUT Taylor. Still, the fact that Taylor jumped in and responded to such a vague (at least on the surface) tweet is surprising.

Nicki then responded and said that she wasn’t actually talking about Taylor but was instead commenting in general about the state of the whole music industry. Taylor then invited Nicki on stage with her if she did happen to win.

In a nicer world, that would have been the end of it. Unfortunately, the mutual admiration and love quickly turned into some Taylor fans turning on her, Nicki fans turning on her, and Nicki reminding everyone multiple times that this is definitely a white versus black issue.

And maybe it is a racial thing, I don’t really know, but I do know that not everyone can be nominated and it seems like nothing more than sour grapes to gripe because you’re not nominated, but that’s just me.

That said, I still think the only way to settle this whole kerfuffle is for Nicki and Taylor to have a dance off.

tumblr_lks1e8t6pl1qee6wmo1_500Shake it off

Because all celebrity feuds should end with a dance off.

On a side note, singer Bruno Mars had the best response to the whole weird situation … he picked a fight with Ed Sheeran.

Bruno Mars

Now that’s a fight I can get behind!