The argument of bro country is a tired one according to Florida Georgia Line


The Washington Post shared a rather enlightening piece on not just Florida Georgia Line, but country music and it’s progression. It did shine a big ol’ spotlight the duo of Brian Kelley and Tyler Hubbard in a way that many chose not to look at them: like they had substance.

Not to say I agreed with everything they said because I didn’t.  When Brian said:

“And to me, the whole freak-out is over with. I think it’s only people in the media or people that aren’t really in the loop asking about it still, I don’t think anybody cares,” he continues with a laugh. “The fans aren’t showing up saying ‘This is bro country.’ They’re getting drunk and partying and singing.”

My first instinct was to get defensive because we hear the complaints from fans on a daily basis. But we hear maybe 100 complaints to their thousands of fans at their concerts that they see. In their world, they’re correct and let’s face it…their world is the current world of country music.

And then there was the time in the article when he attempted to address the infamous “Tomatogate”

“Obviously I wish there were more women on country radio. I wish there were more men, wish there were more duos, or bands or whoever. But to me? I don’t think it’s just an issue of women and men. I think it’s quality,” he said. “Men and women and groups — I think quality of the music has got to go up. I think that’s more the issue and not just women, because there are some women who are putting out great songs. And there are guys putting out great songs that aren’t getting heard.”

Yes, we agree…quality does need to be played, but quality is certainly subjective because I happen to think the songs with the most quality in the last 3-5 years are songs that are sang by a woman.

One thing I think is correct is we, collectively, need to accept that country music has changed and just work hard on promoting the artists and sounds we like in a positive matter.

What do YOU think?


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    Boss Kegel

    All this yammering about the women in country music not getting air time, not having a chance to be heard, etc. is just PC talk invading the country music world.
    The sole reason that women country singers aren’t at the top of the heap in the country music world is that the majority of the people buying the music prefer the male singers. And do you know who the biggest consumers of country music are? Women!!!!! Yes, FEMALES are behind this “unfairness” that you constantly complain about. So get off your high horse of blaming the station managers, the male country singers, the music industry in general for the “problem”.
    Maybe women country singers should examine the music they are making and figure out how they can find a way to connect to the female population of country music listeners. I’ve had a gullet full of burn-the-house-down, get back at that lying-cheating-SOB , kind of music from the female county singers. Kelsie Ballerini is one who has found the way to appeal to the main consumers of country music, females. Perhaps she will start a new trend of positive messages in music that will spread to other female artists.
    Just my 2 cents on the subject.

    janet nave

    Anything Brian Kelly has to say is nonsense. He is mindless and has an ego the size of Texas! Their music all sounds the same. Ugh.

      Yo mama

      Janet, good thing you don’t have to listen to it huh? Anyone who complains about music is an idiot. Listen to what you enjoy. It’s easy. I like FGL and I listen to them. I don’t want to take the time to talk about music I don’t like.

        janet nave

        that is my point. I flip the channel. To each her own.

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