Did Taylor Swift Throw Shade at Katy Perry During a Recent Show?


It’s no secret that Twitter was pretty hot last week, especially thanks to Taylor Swift and Nicki Minaj … and a few select others who unnecessarily intervened in their “debate.” While Taylor humbly, maturely, and respectably owned up to possibly misinterpreting a tweet by Nicki regarding MTV’s VMA nominations and Nicki graciously accepted a heartfelt apology, others felt the need to rip Band-Aids off wounds that were more easily healed than bullet holes.

One of those who chimed in, a day late and a dollar short, was pop princess Katy Perry. Followers of both Taylor and Katy are well aware that the two don’t exactly see eye-to-eye and have quite a bit of bad blood in their history, so it was especially buzzworthy that the California girl chose to become involved.

In light of the recent happenings, someone on Team Swift found it apropos to play a prank on the music industry maven this weekend during her show in Foxborough, Massachusetts. During the notable bridge of “Bad Blood,” a song believed to be about Taylor’s feud with Katy, a shark appeared momentarily, which caused the acclaimed singer-songwriter to burst into laughter. For anybody who knows the “left shark” drama, well, you get the symbolism of the joke. For those who don’t, give Google a gander.

So, to answer the original question in this article: Did Taylor Swift throw shade at Katy Perry during a recent show? No. Not at all. Taylor was merely a victim of a prank that might have been inspired by her arched nemesis. Regardless, it was darn funny.

Watch the video of the prank here:


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  1. Pey9@msn.com'
    Mike perry

    Taylor seems to be that kind of woman who likes to have feuds ?She hates Carrie Underwood,she use to hang with Kellie Pickler and feuds with Katy Perry too She’s everyone’s princess but do you really no her.

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