Steven Tyler Premieres “Love Is Your Name” Video (Watch!)


Steven Tyler is continuing to make strides in the country music industry, now having premiered the music video for his debut single in the genre, “Love Is Your Name,” under Big Machine Label Group’s Dot Records.

The music video is not a far departure from what you would expect from Aerosmith‘s frontman, still embracing the rock that runs through his veins. What puts a unique spin on Tyler’s release is more the accompanying instrumentation than the vocals themselves, offering a country vibe, complete with twangy string-picking, while maintaining the heavier beats of percussion fans would recognize from his lengthy and successful career.

The video, which was shot in Nashville, Tennessee, is more indicative of the country lifestyle, showing rolling green fields, a small wooden home, and a band consisting of banjos. Incorporating a renaissance theme along with the western setting, Tyler brought aspects of his personality and style into his new world, ensuring longtime fans that the iconic entertainer is the same one they have loved for many years.

Take a peek at Steven Tyler’s “Love Is Your Name” music video. Existing fans will enjoy the production, while naysayers may realize the transition from rock to country is going more smoothly than they might have anticipated. We are definitely loving Tyler’s new path!

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