Sounds like Jake Owen would like you to take your bro-country comments and shove ’em

Jake Owen

Jake Owen recently spoke with Rolling Stone Country and basically told people who keep harping on bro-country to take their comments and shove them up their collective asses.

Have I ever told you that I really love Jake Owen?

Jake tells Rolling Stone that the radio stations he’s been listening to play all sorts of music and that music is a personal choice and everyone should just find what they like and stop harping on the bro-country label.

“On the same radio station you can hear ‘What We Ain’t Got,’ which was a slow, broke-down country song, or Jamey Johnson’s ‘In Color’ or Kacey Musgraves, it’s the same station that will play Sam Hunt’s songs that sound more pop-oriented,” he says. “I love Sam Hunt’s stuff, I think it’s awesome, but I also love Sturgill Simpson, and I’m comfortable saying that.”

To him, good music is just good music, and he thinks the fans feel the same way.

“I was out at [Big Barrel Country Music Festival] in Dover, Delaware, and what’s so cool about it is the Oak Ridge Boys played that day [along with] Merle Haggard, Kacey Musgraves, myself and Carrie Underwood, and none of us sound the same,” Owen recalls. “All the people out in the crowd listened to all of us, and not one of them left. No one was like, ‘This isn’t country, I’m leaving.’

“People are there for the experience and for the music, and they’re there for the way it feels to relate to a song that you just like. There’s not much more thought to it than that, and if you try to put more thought into it than that, you’re a dick. I get so tired of people who try to put everything into a box.”

Although Jake sounded a bit testy in the interview, I love the fact that he pretty much thinks the same way I do about this whole bro-country argument. Music is such a personal thing and if you don’t like one thing, move on to the next. It seems like we’re beating a dead horse by constantly harping on the same argument. And while I’m not a huge fan of a lot of the country music being released these days, I’m not a bit shy to use my God-given right to change the station. Know what I mean?