Scotty McCreery Premieres New Song “Southern Belle” (Watch!)


Scotty McCreery is back, having premiered his new single, “Southern Belle,” on Fox News’ Fox & Friends.

Packing the front of the stage with adoring fans, Scotty shared one of the tracks he has been working on during his time in the studio. A mid-tempo tune with the smooth beat, “Southern Belle” describes a typical woman from the south — the type of woman Scotty prefers to any other. Regardless of who he has met during his travels, his new single makes it clear that if Scotty had his choice of any woman out there, she would be donning blue jeans and red lipstick, and would have her roots deep in the Bible Belt.

With Scotty’s deep, riveting vocals and his matured masculine appeal, Scotty delivers a sexy ode to his ideal girl. A tip of the cap to Scarlett O’Hara, a Dukes of Hazard reference, and an “Amazing Grace” mention are just some of the clever lyrics fans will find in this saucy single that will likely make a successful run on the charts.

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