Ronnie Dunn Makes Triumphant Return with “Ain’t No Trucks in Texas”


There’s just something about Ronnie Dunn‘s voice that epitomizes all that is good and pure about country music. On his new single, “Ain’t No Trucks in Texas,” that very recognizable voice is on full display, careening over soaring country instrumentation.

The single is his first released on Nash Icon Records, musical home to longtime friend Reba McEntire. “It has been great to be back in the studio and writing new songs,” he said in a statement. “I am really excited for everyone to hear the music. I loved ‘Ain’t No Trucks In Texas’ the minute I heard it and think fans will too.” The track was written by Wendall Mobley, Tony Martin and Neil Thrasher, and is a classic heartbroken in denial song including lyrics such as, “There ain’t no trucks in Texas, ain’t no football in the south, ain’t no bourbon in Kentucky, I ain’t drinking me some now.”

Don’t let the name fool you; this is NOT bro-country. It’s Dunn shining at what he does best, singing a country song.

“There ain’t no trucks in Texas/ And I ain’t missing you,” he sings. One thing is for certain, we were sure missing him.

You can download Dunn’s new single on iTunes today!