#TBT! Before Pentatonix Was a Superstar Group


Before Pentatonix was a superstar, Grammy Award-winning group, the a cappella sensations were contestants on the Nick Lachey hosted The Sing-Off. During their Season 3 run on the show, Pentatonix was faced with the challenge of performing a country music song. The quintet, which typically performs pop/R&B/hip hop tunes, chose to cover former super duo Sugarland‘s (Jennifer Nettles and Kristian Bush) “Stuck Like Glue.”

Bringing in their cool, funky vibe and relishing in the reggae-inspired moments, Pentatonix knocked this performance out of the park, proving that they could conquer any material they attempt to recreate as their own. This realization, perhaps, is what led America to pick up the phone and vote for this fivesome ad nauseam, eventually crowning them the champions of the season.

Today, Pentatonix is shining the 2015 Grammy the group won and is currently out on the Piece by Piece Tour with Kelly Clarkson. Not a bad reality show aftermath for these top notch vocalists!

Watch Pentatonix’s 2011 “Stuck Like Glue” performance from before they were stars!