No Jason Aldean/Wife duet in the future…


While some people tend to refer to the new Mrs. Aldean as a home wrecker, let’s not forget that Brittany Kerr was on American Idol and CAN sing. So, a duet between her and hubby Jason Aldean isn’t a crazy idea. Just don’t go hoping it’s going to actually happen….

“I don’t know if she wants any part of the music business anymore,” Jason told The Minneapolis Star-Tribune.  “She’s a great singer and would probably do fairly well. She had a little taste of all of that stuff. She can sing in the car and in the shower and here in the house, but I don’t know if she cares to pursue it as a career.”

Can’t say we blame her….the industry can be pretty intimidating for a female singer trying to make it.

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    She does not have to earn a living now that she is marrued to him.


    She does not have to earn a living now that she is married to him

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