Miranda Lambert Shows Off Her Selfie Skills on a Girls Night Out

Photo: Screenshot

If Saturday night was any indication, a post-Blake Shelton Miranda Lambert is going to be just fine.

The Platinum singer was spotted at Cantina Laredo in Nashville’s Gulch neighborhood, according to People. The article says that Miranda and her galpals were in great spirits, laughing and enjoying their time.

Lambert even took time to pose for a selfie with fans Paige Filmeck and Ali Dench who were celebrating Filmeck’s birthday. “She took the photo, then looked at it, laughed and said, ‘I look awful! Be sure to put a filter on it!’ ” Filmeck told People. “I couldn’t believe she said that. We thought she looked so great. She was just so nice about it.”

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Even if she is healing from “Mama’s Broken Heart,” there’s no better way than with girlfriends, guacamole and a good ol’ margarita!

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