Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton Extend Twitter Olive Branch to Each Other


Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton have been flooding headlines lately with “news” of their divorce and surrounding conspiracy theories regarding the end of their relationship. However, both artists have been seemingly quiet on the matter, only stepping out to return to work and get back to whatever normal is for each of them these days.

Fans have been eagerly awaiting signs that the divorcees are moving on and living in peace with their decision to go separate ways and, today, through mutual love and promotion for their friend Ashley Monroe, Twitter was the platform for the first public olive branch between the pair.

It all began when Blake reached out to his ex-wife, raising his eyebrows as to how people cannot possibly be in possession of Ashley’s The Blade yet:

Playing along, Miranda responded:

Blake then finalized the conversation, sharing Miranda’s sentiments toward Ashley, proving that the Shelton-Lambert pair will have joint custody of this friendship:

Which made Ashley Monroe smitten:

And if you thought maybe these were canned tweets, scheduled to blast before “news” broke about the split, think again. Blake debunked those theories:

To further prove that these tweets are happening LIVE, Miranda cracked a joke (linked to one of the floating rumors) about a picture that ET Online just leaked moments before her message to her former hubby:

And, if you know Blake, he can’t let a joke go without one-upping the other comedian/comedienne … or without mentioning a drink himself:

Oh, and if you are a naysayer and think the exchange is just a charade, guess what? Blake doesn’t care:

So, it seems as though Miranda and Blake are able to live in music industry harmony while maintaining their senses of humor, despite their recent divorce. We are happy to see the two are able to be amicable following their split and we hope that this exchange is the beginning of healing … for everybody!


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  1. diamond.countrygirl@yahoo.com'

    Oh you can bet Miranda will move on…she will be heading out on a new fall tour come August Miranda is such a loveable girl and that smile will start melting hearts of the opposite sex. There want be any standing back now that she is a free full blooded woman.I’m happy for her to be in Nashville where the music and her friends are. We’ll be getting some great new country music from her sooner than later!!! Blake is a 10yr old in a 6’5″ body..

  2. kc7p@virginia.edu'

    This is the weirdest shit I’ve seen in a while. Why the hell did they give up so easily if they are still so loving towards one another? Marketing tactic maybe? Whatever it was that went wrong, it can’t be all that bad. On a closing note, rest assured that no cares if no shits are given by Blake or not. There is enough shit surrounding this situation to last everyone a lifetime and the some. Bye Felicia!

    1. diamond.countrygirl@yahoo.com'

      Blake being Blake….if Miranda wins at the up coming CMA’S we want be able to miss Blake standing with his clapping of the hands. His BSers have been hollering how LOYAL he is. I do know after his PR Firm went to TMZ with the long time Miranda Affair for a couple of days, here comes Blake and does his tweeting. Wonder if management had second thoughts about the affair thing. I do know he had some new Miranda haters dumb founded over his tweets. Fans seem to have forgotten friendship was a large part of this marriage thing. Biggest thing about Blake Shelton is his image of being a womanizing flirt. Wife having an affair on the greatest Hunk in the world looks about as bad as the one having the affair……..

  3. abnolwz21@aol.com'

    Think his PR firm was getting out of control and it was turning on him. People started noticing these stories were very one sided and came from NBC/Universal companies- enews, accesshollywood, etc. Guess Hollywood Blake learned the tricks. Funny how for years pics and stories about him cheating they work through but then Miranda- no way divorce. Blake has a big ego. As they say ” No one loves Blake Shelton as much and Blake Shelton. PS also telling that her family isn’t even on social media but his is going off on how awful she is. Just tacky.

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