Mary Sarah Stuns Flora-Bama Crowd with Hymn


Mary Sarah is one of the most talented independent artists in the industry, armed with an infectious personality, adorable demeanor, and incomparably beautiful voice.

While the music industry can occasionally jade artists and cause them to turn their backs on their faith, Mary Sarah has never shied away from her religion. A perfect marriage of Mary Sarah’s talents and faith was displayed at Flora-Bama Worship on the Water when she performed the hymn “How Great Thou Art“.

The video, which has become somewhat viral as of late, having been shared by The San Francisco Globe and other online publications, is garnering national attention — and deservedly so. We would be absolutely remiss if we did not give NashvilleGab readers the opportunity to be taken to church by the nineteen-year-old with the stunning voice that can chill audience members to their cores.

And a bit of trivia for you — that guitar player accompanying her during this performance is her father. Yes, musical talent runs in the family!

Photo credit: Beth Childs