Little Big Town’s strangest autograph request isn’t that strange at all…


Our Do What Moves You® segment brought to you by Swiftwick this week zones in on country music’s ball of sunshine, Little Big Town in what could be one of the coolest moments I’ve heard all week.

Little Big Town has been asked to sign a whole lotta’ odd ball items, but one stand out item comes in the form of something most of us take for granted. It makes this odd autograph request quite heartwarming. A guy who was married to a marathon runner with a prosthetic leg brought his wife’s detached leg to LBT to get them to sign it.

Karen said, “We were like, ‘Could you please bring your wife back so we could — we need to meet her.’ And she came, and it was very inspiring, but that was maybe the strangest thing [we’ve signed].”

If that’s the strangest thing they’ve been asked to sign, then I’d say they’re in good shape. I’d hate to know what the strangest thing some other country stars have been asked to sign….