Lawsuit demands to see Taylor Swift’s boobs

Taylor Swift what

I guess if you’re going to sue Taylor Swift, you may as well make it interesting.

Last year, a clothing brand called Lucky 13 filed a lawsuit against Taylor Swift for trademark infringement for selling t-shirts featuring the words “Lucky 13.” Now anyone who knows anything about Taylor knows that she’s crazy about the number 13, so it’s no surprise that she would sell lucky 13 anything. Unfortunately, her love of 13 was too close to Lucky 13’s copyrighted Lucky 13 for comfort so they sued.

Anyway, here’s one of the offending shirts that appears to no longer be available in Taylor’s online store.

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Evil tee screenshot via

I can actually understand the original lawsuit since there really is room for only one Lucky 13 in this world, but now things have turned all weird and creepy.

According to (via Jezebel), Lucky 13’s lawyer recently requested pictures of Taylor’s various body parts be submitted for the suit.

Umm, yeah.

Earlier this year, Lucky 13 sent Swift discovery requests, including photos of her body in revealing clothes, to show that her grown-up image overlaps with its own customer base. The company also requested that Swift make a formal deposition stating whether or not she knew about the existing Lucky 13 trademark. Swift’s attorneys on Monday filed a motion asking for a protection order from further requests.

Swift’s lawyers say that Lucky 13’s attorney asked for “irrelevant material such as […] all photographs and videos of you in which your breasts are at least partially visible as well as documents reflecting, evidencing or revealing who took each such photograph and video and where and when.”


While weird, there actually is a reason (besides to just be creepy as hell) that the strange request was made. Lucky 13’s lawyer Gary Rinkerman double-downed on the belief that the photos were needed to prove their point:

“One of their (Taylor’s lawyers) positions is that the demographics are very different and that the edgy-looking image and the models we use for the Lucky 13 brand are not congruent with Miss Swift’s image. Unfortunately we’re being forced to counter that by showing that in her public appearances she is transitioning towards a more adult, alternative demographic.”

Okay, I see their point considering Taylor has went from this

Taylor Swift fans

to this

Taylor Swift

in recent years. Still, what a weird legal request.

I have a really easy solution to all of this – Taylor should just buy the company.

{via Jezebel}


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    Or the creepsters could just Google her. There’s probably only eleventy billion or so pics of her on the net.

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