Lady Gaga Cast Spell on Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift apple

The world certainly knows when Taylor Swift‘s men go from “love story” status to just another picture to burn, as made evident by her personal catalog of hit songs. One of the world’s biggest pop stars, Lady Gaga, clearly listened to Taylor’s lyrics closely, recognizing the young phenomenon’s romantic struggles.

This all became known back in March when Taylor tweeted about Lady Gaga:

Gaga wasn’t able to stay poker-faced over getting a Twitter notification from the girl who gives “style” a whole new meaning, responding:

Fast forward a few months and Taylor is cuddled up (and riding swans) with EDM artist Calvin Harris, appearing to be more in love than her repertoire of songs has ever eluded to in the past. So, when well-known Swiftie Alex Goldschmidt tweeted about questioning the existence of true love, Taylor decided to pay it forward and put a little voodoo magic on Alex, courtesy of Gaga.

And, because Taylor’s every day is truly a fairytale, Lady Gaga replied, giving her another dose of magic … this time with a snappy lyrical pun.

Hey, Lady Gaga, got any of that Love Potion No. 9 for me? It would be greatly appreciated!