Kid Rock to Confederate Flag Protesters: “Kiss My A..”

Kid Rock

United States citizens have been vocalizing disdain for the display of the Confederate Flag, especially following the tragic shooting deaths of nine individuals at a Charleston, South Carolina church. As part of the flag disputes, country rocker, Kid Rock, has been on the receiving end of flack from protesters, encouraging the unapologetic artist to remove the flag from his stage backdrop.

Kid Rock finally responded to the protests regarding his use of the Confederate Flag, staying true to his unabashed approach of simply not caring what others think. According to Taste of Country, Kid Rock sent Megyn Kelley of Fox News a message, which was read (and censored) on air.

Please tell the people who are protesting to kiss my … ask me some questions.

Kelley’s delivery of the message alluded to the fact that Kid Rock actually issued a statement of “kiss my a..” to the group that is encouraging the removal of the flag. Kid Rock has not otherwise spoken out about the demands (led by Reverend Al Sharpton and The National Action Network). However, Kid Rock fans and defenders have argued that there have been no signs of Confederate Flag use by the star, either on stage or in his Detroit Historical Museum display.

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