Is Kelsea Ballerini Calling “Dibs” on Another Big Hit?


If history, indeed, repeats itself, Kelsea Ballerini is likely nursing another hit song as it makes a play for the top of the charts.

While many predicted that Kelsea wouldn’t release “Dibs” as the next single off The First Time (mainly because of her friend, Taylor Swift, insisting she releases “Yeah Boy“), all signs pointed to the obvious move, considering the fun, catchy track already took on a life of its own. Before its official release as a single, “Dibs” received play on Sirius XM The Highway and became a fan favorite at live shows due to the interactivity Kelsea brings to the audience during the choruses.

A song that has been heard on radio before its time and has fans singing along in concert and excited to yell “HEY!” at every chance they get? Yes, that seems like the right move.

Months ago, in anticipation of a possible single release, Kelsea and Black River Entertainment released the “Dibs” lyric video; a cute and colorful production to show off the lyrics of like characteristics. It may serve you well to watch the video, learn the lyrics, and get familiar with singing along to this Kelsea Ballerini tune. At this rate, it will be topping the charts soon enough.

And deservedly so.