What Happens Behind-the-Scenes with Kelly Clarkson Doesn’t Stay Behind-the-Scenes


Now that the Fourth of July is over, we can share some information and photographs from behind-the-scenes at Kelly Clarkson‘s portion of the Macy’s 4th of July Fireworks Spectacular, which was filmed at Marathon Music Works in Nashville, Tennessee.

Since we were in attendance and had an absolutely great time seeing Kelly perform her two singles off Piece By Piece live (and got to celebrate the holiday weeks early), we thought it would be fun to take you all back with us and share three things from the event that you didn’t see on television. In no particular order (because each of these things was hilarious):

1. Kelly was grateful the show wasn’t live!

If you have ever been to a Kelly Clarkson show, you know one thing — she can do no wrong. In fact, even when she hears herself slightly off, the audience hasn’t a clue because this vocalist is by far and away one of the greatest of all time. During the taping of “Invincible,” Kelly began singing and something was off in her in-ear monitors. She stopped in the first verse and asked to begin again, telling the audience she likes when performances are pre-recorded because “live, you’re like $HHHHHHH!!!!!!!!++++++!”

Maybe other artists are like *insert your choice of expletive*, but Kelly has never hit a bad note on our watch! How about yours? Doubtful.


2. Spanx are HOT!

Between each take (which, in Kelly Clarkson’s world means each song was only performed twice because the deliveries were that perfect), Kelly’s makeup artist and personal assistant (both named Ashley) came on stage to touch her up. If you are Ashley Donovan, Kelly’s makeup artist and longtime best friend, your job isn’t easy because Kelly loves to talk … even as she is having her lips reapplied. As Ashley was patting Kelly’s face down to prepare her for the next take, Kelly shared her feelings toward the temperature on the stage and how ready she was to be done filming, exclaiming “spanx are hot!”

3. Kelly Clarkson will sing at your wedding … but know what song you want her to perform!

As Kelly was waiting for the cameras to roll, a member of the audience told her he was just engaged and his fiancee would love her to sing at their wedding. Kelly played to the fan, telling him she hopes to be “knocked up” by the time his 2016 wedding takes place. In the event she was free and only eating for one, Kelly asked “what song do you want me to sing?” to which the fan responded “whatever you want.” The singing comedienne then dished out a heaping serving of sarcasm, telling him that she caught him off guard by agreeing and now he’s all like “$h!+” and doesn’t have a song in mind. Kelly then directed him to her management company, Starstruck, telling him to hit them up over there. Get your requests in, folks! Kelly Clarkson, Wedding Singer, at your service!


Oh, and one more tidbit … you might have noticed during “Heartbeat Song” Kelly was wearing her wedding ring, but during “Invincible” she was not. The songs were filmed in reverse order and Kelly requested that she be able to wear her ring, despite any continuity flaws, because of the lyrics of her first single off her current record. The film crew obliged.

Thank you to Kelly Clarkson, Marathon Music Works, and everybody involved in the filming of Macy’s 4th of July Fireworks Spectacular. We had a great time being a part of this event and look forward to many more!


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