Kacey Musgraves like you’ve never seen her before…

Warning: As NSFW as this looks….it’s actually pretty innocent. Kacey Musgraves decided to share her latest doctor appointment with people when she posted her vocal chord video.  Good news is she checked out healthy…bad news…you might lose your appetite after looking at the video.  Kacey had this to say:

When you listen to my music…picture this and be haunted. Vocal chord check up. Though veiny and swollen bc they’re used a lot, status is pretty healthy! (Doesn’t look safe for work does it? ?) Carry on.



So Blake Shelton hasn’t actually seen American Sniper?

I know this story has made its rounds and you’re probably as tired of hearing about it as I am writing about it. But, and there is a but, there was a new turn in the American Sniper drama when Blake Shelton told TMZ that even though he hasn’t actually seen the movie, he has no problem speaking out against the film’s critics.

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