Kacey Musgraves gives Bobby Bones some love…


Well, well, is there a change of heart for Kacey Musgraves and Bobby Bones? One of country music’s more infamous feuds, seems to have subsided all because of one thing you HAVE to give Bobby credit for: He has GREAT taste in music.

Bobby played a song off of Kacey’s latest masterpiece, Pageant Material, called ‘Cup Of Tea’ and fans everywhere rejoiced. Giving Ol’ Bobby virtual high gives all over the place. And the best part was it didn’t go unnoticed. Kacey, who may or may not have been prompted to do this because of a couple hateful tweets from Bobby fans, tweeted out a simple “i appreciate you playing me!” (note the enthusiasm with the exclamation point) to Mr. Bones.


And for that moment….all was right in the world.


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  1. RickyGBeBe@hotmail.com'

    kacey is too good for bobby

  2. diamond.countrygirl@yahoo.com'

    Kacey could take him or leave him…showing some thanks/ respect for playing her music. Don’t think Bobby will have anything to do with making her a star. Her music talent will take care of that.

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