Lost: JT Hodges’ Girl and His Ray-Bans (Watch the Video!)


This post is not brought to you by Ray-Bans.

JT Hodges‘ newest single “Ray-Bans” is a summer-inspired tune about love and loss — both of a girl and a pair of shades. While the character in JT’s song is cherishing his memories with a former flame who is “hotter than a fire on a summer night,” he maintains a glimmer of hope that she is hanging on to him, as well. Or, at least the sunglasses she borrowed.

The singer was inspired by his wife of ten years, Kasey, when he entered the writing session the day “Ray-Bans” was born. Earlier this year, JT told People:

I always wear sunglasses and I’ve always been a Ray-Ban guy. Last year, I was on a cruise with my wife and we were in Cozumel at a beach bar and the sun was starting to set just before we had to head back to the boat … My wife was just feeling the music and took my Ray-Bans and went off on the dance floor with them on. I just remember watching her and thinking, “Wow, what a cool image.”

The video echoes the outdoorsy, summer feel that influenced the creation of the song. With a drop the top and ride vibe, along with some romance by a nighttime fire, the hot fling had all the fixings for a few months of unforgettable fun and sun. However, when the seasons change and JT’s interest is no longer by his side, all he can hope is that she carries the good times with her, all the while sporting his favorite sunglasses.

Watch the music video below for one of your soon-to-be favorite seasonal songs.


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