Jewel Announces the Release of New Personal Album


Fans of the brilliant Jewel have been long awaiting new music from one of the most intelligent singer-songwriters in the industry; and, now, the announcement has come. On September 11th, under label Sugar Hill Records, Jewel will release a fourteen-track album, Picking Up the Pieces.

The album was produced by Jewel and features a band of mostly Neil Young collaborators, in an effort to expose herself more to the public than she has done in the past. In explaining her approach to Picking Up the Pieces, the artist with more than two decades of acclaim stated:

This is just me. These are my thoughts. These are my feelings. This is my poetry. It really felt like returning to a part of me that I didn’t mean to lose, but with time and relationships and life and surviving and dealing, you take on new things and not all of them are great.

Considering the last five years of Jewel’s life, which were life-changing, indeed, it made sense for her to take a step back and evaluate her goings on and use those happenings to create her new music. Between the birth of her son, Kase, and the end of her marriage, Jewel had a lot of emotions to draw from in preparing the project, including tracks entitled “Love Used to Be” and “Mercy.” The offering also consists of unrecorded live fan favorites “Carnivore” and “Boy Needs a Bike,” as well as autobiographical Dolly Parton collaboration “My Father’s Daughter.”

In determining the contents of the album, Jewel’s goal was to simply dial into herself and allow that person to shine through.

I was trying to keep my mind quiet and honestly get back to something I feel like I’d lost touch with in my life. It was really an exercise in shutting out fear. I was giving myself permission to be exactly who and what I was.

Picking Up the Pieces is now available for pre-order by clicking here.


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    It was canceled several months before release because Jewel was worried about Murray’s mother’s reaction to her intimate confessions.

    1. Jen Swirsky

      It is coming out September 11th. This was just announced via press release.

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