Jason Aldean says he is who he is-No Smoke and Mirrors.


Jason Aldean has been taking interviews very candidly since being married and it has made my respect level up for him quite a bit.

He recently talked to the Deluth News Tribune where he talked about two interesting topics that would’ve normally been deemed “touchy.” But Jason opened up and let people know where he stands on Spotify and who he really is.

On why his music isn’t on spotify, he answered:

I make the majority of my money on shows, not on a streaming site. Whether you’re a songwriter, artist or producer, you should be fairly compensated for the work you put in. The pay (from Spotify) is laughable at best; I’ve seen the statements. That’s why I got involved with Tidal. It’s not a one-sided deal.

Over the past 10 years, we’ve cheapened music down so people think they’re supposed to have it for nothing. You don’t get to watch a new movie for free. I don’t expect fans to understand how this business works. I’m the one country guy taking grenades for everybody. I was raised to stand up for whatever I believe in.

And since all inquiring minds were curious if the REAL Jason Aldean would please stand up, he told Deluth News Tribune:

 I’d say what you see is what you get. I go full throttle, try to give 110 percent and leave the people wanting more. When you see our shows, it’s not smoke and mirrors with me.

There you have it.  Straight outta the horse’s mouth.