Jason Aldean has THIS to say about the current state of country music…


Jason Aldean may have a solid point: The fact many country stars can sell out multiple stadiums is a good sign for the country music industry.

“If you’ve got a few guys that can go out and are filling stadiums, that’s a good sign of where the business is — the touring side of it for sure in country music. That’s a good sign for everybody.”

Jason also makes note that out that Luke Bryan, Miranda Lambert, Eric Church and Carrie Underwood all came out as new artists around the same time and that according to his experience, the recipe for joining the touring elite takes about a decade.

“I go out and listen to Kenny’s show, and he plays two hours, and I know every song’s been a #1,” Jason says. “It’s like, we haven’t had that luxury except for just recently.”

With newer acts like Florida Georgia Line selling out amphitheaters with their own headlining tour, Jason sees a bright future for country music on the road.

He says, “I think it’s in a good place. It’s fun to be a part of it.”

Do YOU agree with Jason?