Jake Owen is a one-take wonder because he’s da boss

Jake Owen - Twitter

Jake Owen’s current single is called Real Life, but it turns out that his whole upcoming album is going to be more real than normal because he apparently recorded each song in just one take.

Jake tells Rolling Stone Country that in an effort to have a more “real” release, he did everything in one take.

“All the singing I did live. I didn’t re-sing any of it,” he said. “I was listening to the vocals and I was like, ‘Guys, when are we going to go back and sing it?’ They said, ‘We’re not, you’re done.’”
Owen said that the one-and-done technique will be more similar to what fans get when they see him live.

There’s no word on when fans can expect the new one-take-wonder album, but you can hear Jake’s current single Real Life on the radio now.

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