Jake Owen admits he and his wife are having trouble right now

Jake Owen Lacey wedding
Brian Pepper

Most celebrities, unless their last name is Kardashian, tend to try and keep their most private lives private. Jake Owen, however, has decided to buck the trend and share some very personal news about his 3-year-old marriage.

Jake chatted with America’s Morning Show this morning and revealed the surprising news (via CMIL) that he and his wife Lacey have been discussing divorce.

“Right now—and I haven’t said this a lot lately because I didn’t think this was anyone’s business other than mine and my wife’s—but my wife and I, for the last few months, have really been having a hard time and struggling with communication, and literally talking about divorce and all kinds of stuff,” he said. “And I don’t want to talk about that, but after long conversations for days and weeks, part of us talking about it and getting it out there and letting people know that we’re the same as they are, we have problems, too, it made us feel better talking about the things we’ve kept from each other.”

While the news is probably surprising to most fans (myself included), I had at least one reader who was pretty on top of things. A couple of weeks ago she emailed me with this question:

Hey Shannon. Strange question…where did Jake Owen’s wife disappear to? He posts the occasional picture of his daughter and talks about her but there has been no mention of his wife for quite a while. I tried to watch for her at the CMT awards but parenting got in the way of watching much lol.

When she emailed me, I didn’t think much of it since I hadn’t heard anything bad or good in regards to Jake’s marriage and he was still posting adorable pictures of daughter Olive to social media. Guess I should start taking reader intuition more seriously.

Anyway, sending good vibes to Jake and Lacey.