Guitar name lawsuit against Keith Urban dismissed

Keith Urban laughing 2

Keith Urban fans, you can now sit back, relax, and take a deep breath because that lawsuit against the singer that said he stole the name of his line of guitars from an obsolete 70s band has now been dismissed.


Last month, word hit that the Wonder from Down Under had been slapped with a lawsuit from Peter Beckett, a member of the 70s rock band Player who accused Urban of stealing the band’s name to use on his “Keith Urban Player” line of guitars and guitar-playing aids that he regularly hawks on HSN.

The lawsuit was ridiculous enough to begin with, but Beckett also threw in that Keith was only famous because he had married Nicole Kidman and that Urban had got the idea to steal the name because Player’s most famous song, Baby Come Back, had played on an episode of General Hospital back in 2014.

Okay, if I ever get the chance to interview Keith Urban I’m definitely asking him about his General Hospital watching habits because that’s funny.

Fortunately, a judge agreed with how idiotic this lawsuit really was and, according to Radar, has officially tossed it out.

However, on July 6, the federal judge sided with Urban. The order states that the lawsuit dismissed because “Player” and “Player by Keith Urban” are clearly different enough not to confuse consumers.

Further, the judge states, Beckett’s appearance on the soap opera was after Urban began selling his product and says there is no evidence the country singer acted in bad faith when naming his product. The judge also notes that Beckett cannot prove he is a household name by having a few popular songs decades ago. The case was dismissed with Urban not having to pay a dime.

Beckett had been asking for a million dollars and for Keith to stop using the name, so this is definitely a good outcome for Urban.

Now let’s just hope this baby never comes back.