For the first time ever I’m jealous of Taylor Swift


As much cool stuff as Taylor Swift gets to do and as many cool people as she gets to hang out with on a regular basis, I’ve never actually been jealous of her life. Until now.

So what could convert me into an official green-eyed blogger?

Two words. Crazy. Eyes.

Yep, my favorite Orange is the New Black actress, Uzo Aduba, joined Taylor in East Rutherford, N.J. last weekend and made me completely jealous.

However, even the sudden appearance Crazy Eyes in Taylor’s life wasn’t quite enough to make me reveal my sudden jealousy to you, my fine readers.

Nope, it took this tweet from actor Sir Patrick Stewart to push me over the limit.

Yep, Captain Jean-Luc Picard/Professor X announced that he wants to join Taylor’s Squad and now I really, really want to, too.

On a side note, Taylor seemed, as you can imagine, pretty happy about the actor’s request.

Let’s just hope she makes this request a reality very, very soon.