*EXCLUSIVE* Interview: Cassadee Pope Is Invincible … And So Much More!


When you sit down with Cassadee Pope, there is an immediate feeling of positivity that comes over you. Just being in her presence makes you feel like the world is a beautiful place and like you can conquer anything. Why? Because Cassadee makes you feel that special. Cassadee makes you feel invincible.

With the release of Cassadee’s new single “I Am Invincible,” the Big Machine/Republic Nashville recording artist has been living in a whirlwind over the last few weeks. She has been vigorously perfecting her song of inspiration and empowerment and preparing to introduce herself to the country music world as a stronger, more mature artist who has used her own life experiences to grow and hone her craft. The mission is accomplished for the girl with a laundry list of notable accolades and who has many more in her near future.

As Cassadee has expressed in her latest interviews, she received “I Am Invincible” fairly recently, but for this astute artist, it was an obvious keeper as soon as she heard it the first time. However, what brought Cassadee to that realization wasn’t necessarily its hit potential right off the bat; instead, with a little love and a few production decisions, she knew it could be something that showed off her varying musical backgrounds and interests. It also stood out to Cassadee as a track with the ability to touch many people and change lives.

I immediately felt connected to this song on a deep level. I believe we can all get through anything that life throws our way. We just have to make the decision to persevere and move forward. The song is empowering in that way. The demo of “I Am Invincible” was actually more ballad sounding and less energetic than the finished version. So, when I first heard it, I was thinking of all the possibilities and potential. This song lends itself very well to a more edgy production. I’ve been listening to and singing country music since I was four years old, so to mesh those influences with my other influences is exciting. Creating a song to fit into a specific genre is mostly production driven. I’ve always written songs that feel authentic to me and that explain who I am. That’s what country music is all about. Blending country and other influences feels very natural to me.

Perhaps what also drew Cassadee to singing about invincibility and the importance of owning yourself, your self-worth, and your capabilities was her upbringing. Being raised by somebody who has stood by her side through every up, down, twist, and turn has helped shape Cassadee into the strong, confident woman she has become; and if she had to define the sense of being that her single focuses on, there is one special person who comes to mind.

If there was a picture in the dictionary under “invincible” it would be of my mom. She has gotten through so many road blocks in her life with such grace and bravery. She taught me what it means to be independent and self sufficient. I feel invincible because of the lessons she has taught me. I feel most invincible when I’m on stage in front of a crowd singing my lyrics back to me. There’s no feeling like it.

Even with the world in the palm of her hands and the possibilities seeming endless for the next “it” girl of country music (and the music industry as a whole), Cassadee, like the rest of us, occasionally needs to remind herself of her blessings — especially considering the public scrutiny that can come with her job. Luckily, she is surrounded by people who make sure stumbling blocks are minimal and, though she may falter, she will never fall.

I’m only human, so I’ve had my moments of self doubt and insecurities. But I’ve learned over the years to love myself. It’s nearly impossible not to let the criticisms break you if you don’t love yourself. I’m also surrounded by amazing people. My parents have always taught me to be confident and believe in yourself, even if it feels like nobody else does. My close friends lift me up. My sister is a ray of sunshine. My band and crew who I travel with constantly are some of the best people I know, and my fans are so positive and encouraging. There’s too much good in my life to focus on the negativity.

Life is certainly great for Cassadee, as she travels from radio station to radio station across the country to share “I Am Invincible” with the people who hold the fate of the song in their hands. However, the artist who makes it a point to give back whenever she can is stopping tonight for a live performance to help the Special Olympics celebrate its opening ceremonies. When asked what Cassadee is most looking forward to about this particular performance, she couldn’t help but get a little giddy over someone with whom she will share the experience.

Avril [Lavigne] being there is most definitely a highlight for me! But, mostly I’m excited about meeting some of the incredible athletes. They’re the epitome of what it means to defy the odds. I couldn’t think of a better place to debut this song.

With the Special Olympics recognizing the importance of the message in “I Am Invincible,” Cassadee is hopeful that her single will, likewise, be adopted by other organizations that can hold the powerful lyrics close and feel vitalized by what the words relay.

I’m heavily involved in the Outnumber Hunger initiative; it’s a cause I am passionate about. I also support any anti-bullying and I feel my music, especially this and another song on the album, speak to that. In the future I would love to do more. It’s so important to give back.

As Cassadee keeps her sights set on doing for others and using her musical influence for a greater good, she will also continue sharing the release of her motivational and inevitable anthem with the world. Following tonight’s television premiere of “I Am Invincible,” Cassadee has quite the busy schedule as she continues to quickly and prosperously promote the song that has taken music by storm. In fact, there are already two videos in the works – a lyric video and a music video – one of which gives fans the unique opportunity to become stars.

Fans can . . . submit their pictures or videos of their favorite lyrics from I Am Invincible. Basically, they’ll need to write it on a white paper or poster with a Sharpie and get someone to take a picture or video of them holding it. My fans have always been a huge priority to me and involving them wherever possible is important! Plus, it’s fun to see which lyrics connect with people the most.

As for the music video, Cassadee was pretty tight-lipped on the details because she wants to surprise people with what she has in store, but she is extremely excited to have Roman White directing it. Fans can expect for the video to be shot in the next couple of weeks and to see something with a “tribal feel” to it.

With the future looking incredibly bright for Cassadee and realizing that this song could be quite the game changer for this artist who has paid her dues, worked tirelessly to pave her way in the music industry, and has always done so with an optimistic outlook and a smile on her face, she is welcoming the possibility of a huge response to her latest project. She is also open to the responsibility that comes with a song of such magnitude.

I am so incredibly ready for it. This next chapter is something I’ve been working towards for the past ten months. Writing five days a week for months on end, taking my health and fitness more seriously, building up my confidence. All of these things prepared me for this moment. I’ve never felt more rejuvenated and excited for what’s to come. I hope “I Am Invincible” encourages people to go for what they want, no matter how impossible it may seem. So many fans tell me stories of what they dream to do or be when they grow up. I feel a certain responsibility to make them see these dreams are within reach. I love them all!

And, as a symbol of her reciprocated love to her fans, Cassadee also wanted to share some words of wisdom to get them through their tough days, because being invincible begins within yourselves.

Start writing down all of [your] amazing qualities. Most people are surprised at how many they come up with. We tear ourselves down because we’re either perfectionists or we let the criticism get to our heads. Either way, we have to be able to turn to ourselves for confidence. After all, you’re stuck with you forever. And life is great when you realize that’s not such a bad thing.

No, being Cassadee Pope is surely not a bad thing at all. Instead, it is a wonderfully multi-layered thing with so much to discover and appreciate. Yet, with that being said, Cassadee can be strictly categorized in a couple of ways. With a career that is evolving, or even revolutionizing through this tremendous new single, the girl behind the music is remaining every bit as humble and lovable as she has always been. When asked to define herself, Cassadee eloquently explained:

Cassadee Pope is a lot of different things. She is a good girl with an edge. She keeps her head down and keeps going no matter what obstacles stand in her way. She cares deeply for her fans and wants to always set a good example for them. Family means everything and remembering where she comes from is always a priority. She will treat you with respect and kindness, but she’s more than able to defend herself. She’s empowered and strong. She is invincible!

Thank you to Cassadee for sharing your insights and inspiration with NashvilleGab readers. You are truly unbreakable, unstoppable, and heroic. You are invincible.

Tune into ESPN tonight to watch Cassadee Pope perform “I Am Invincible” on the Special Olympics, and follow Cassadee on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and her website for all information and updates. Also, make sure to tweet using the hashtag #IAMINVINCIBLE to let Cassadee know what you think of her new single, which you can download by clicking the cover art below.


For further information on how you can star in Cassadee Pope’s “I Am Invincible” lyric video, click the image below (photo credit: Brooke Bowling).



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