Emily West Says “Bring on the Tomatoes”


We recently had the chance to catch up with the incredible America’s Got Talent runner-up and proud tomato, Emily West. While our full interview tackled everything from her forthcoming album to her influences, we also touched on the topic of tomatoes.

“I say just bring on the tomatoes and…I’ve been struggling with that whole thing.” West admits, having struggled with the confines of the country music industry in the past.

Despite releasing some incredible country songs, West never quite found her footing, and admits that was why she needed a break from the scene. “I just couldn’t deal with it so I had to get out and sing Barbara Streisand, but I’m all about telling a good story. If you’re a girl or a boy, it doesn’t matter. I’m all for tomatoes and just a good song.”

However, not to worry. West isn’t completely abandoning country music and her Nashville roots. “I will always love country music and will probably make a country album in the next couple years, but it’ll be an old school country record filled with just beautiful stories. I just can’t identify with a lot of the bro-country out there with truckers and beer and tractors…”

We agree Emily…bring on the tomatoes indeed!